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Looking for wholesale scooter sales? Coastal Wholesales offers great prices on motorized scooters with amazing acceleration and features such as removable seats that allow you to ride standing or sitting. Our motor scooters also have folding frames so they’re easy to take along to wherever the fun is! We sell both electric and gas scooters, as well as scooter parts.

In addition to motor scooters for sale, we also carry a number of other items: Generators and generator parts, kayaks, paddle boards, paddles, golf aids, and lithium conversion kits that allow you to give your 36-volt electric scooter an amazing upgrade.

And with many ways to pay, including online credit card payments, PayPal payment options, wire transfers and money orders, we make it easy for our customers to buy motorized scooters and any of the other items we offer.

It’s our goal to make your shopping experience with Coastal Wholesales go as smoothly as possible, so we provide quick shipping and tracking numbers with every order as well as ongoing customer care to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. Be sure to ask us about our multi-line and multi-purchase discounts!


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