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Coastal Glider Smart Balance Scooter

PLEASE NOTE: To purchase a Smart Balance Scooter, please contact us directly to place your order.

We may be reached at 843-997-9209.

Get in on the craze and jump on the Coastal Glider, this super fast and long lasting battery smart balance board is sure to please. With the highest quality Samsung battery and all the accessories you will enjoy the ride. Remote start in hand and a free carrying case make this price point unbeatable. Lithium battery makes ride times longer and charge times shorter. Jump on the Glider today.

Smart Balance
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Smart Balance Smart Balance Smart Balance
Smart Balance Smart Balance Smart Balance
Smart Balance Smart Balance  

Smart Balance two wheel self balancing mini Smart Electric Scooter. Complete with LG Sumsung 4400mah battery with remote Key.

* The latest dazzle wave motor technology
* Super silent, almost couldn't hear the sound when working
* High efficient 2200 mA keeping 10
* Long life battery one charge for 25km
* Controller development for more than 10 years experience
* The electric car technology accumulation developed this scooter
* LiFe battery, the most safe and expensive, high efficient output, good performance in high
* Temperature, fast charging characteristics, the most important is 95% of the electricity capacity
* Recycled after 500 times used
* The best motor, we are the world's largest civilian motor manufacturer
* Wheel, unique design and natural rubber tires, maximum increase grip enhanced security systems, whether the grass or sand and gravel road surface, snow or water on the ground, weave. Two wheel balance scooter providing greater balance performance.
* Cool appearance, two power LED display for convenient night
* Waterproof protection, the power button is made of stainless steel metal, fashionable atmosphere, long life, as well as waterproof and safe.
* Special non-slip pedal, the high quality rubber non-slip stripes, prevent slippery wear-resisting
* Comes in 4 colors red, blue, black and white

Free carrying case ~ Free remote start ~ Free shipping

1. Max Speed: 18km/h
2. Mileage: around 15 to18km
3. Max tilt: around 15 to30 (depends on rider's weight)
4. Battery: 4400mah Samsung battery
5. Working temperature: 10°C to 40°C (recommending at 10°C to30°C)
6. Max load: 120kg
7. Charging Voltage: AC 220 or 110V V50 to 60HZ
8. Charging Time: Around 45 to 60 Mins (80% charged completely within 30 Mins)

1. Tilt Protection: 45° (solo wheel will stop working when tilting above 45°)
2. Speed Protection: ≥12km/(start alerting and automatically slow down if above 12km/h)
3. Low Battery Protection: When The volume of battery is below 10%, it will slow down until finally stopped working

1. Size: Height 45cm, Length 39.5cm (Thinkness 7 16 cm)
2. Distance between Pedal and ground: 116mm
3. Diameter: 360MM
4. Tyre size: diameter 360MM
5. Weight: 13kg
6. Self Balance: Self Balance Electric Unicycle
7. Max Speed: 18km/h
8. Type: Electric Scooters
9. Power: 201-500W
10. Range Per Charge: 60-80 KM
11. Mileage: Around 15 to18km
12. Applicable People: Men
13. Voltage: 24V
14. Wheels: 2 Wheels
15. Unicycle: Electric Unicycle
16. Battery: 132Wh lithium battery

Infomation Notice
1. Power switch LED: works when turned on and keeps twinkling under protection circumstances
2. Battery Four: Led Flashing Light will flash regularly when battery is fully charged or running out
3. Voice Alert: SOLO-ONE will Beep when it is turned on or it is in the lowest volume of battery
4. Voice Alert: whistling When SOLO-ONE tilts
5. Colors: Red, Blue, Black and White
6. Certification: Yes

Packing & Accessories
1. Foldable: No
2. 1 X Quality two wheel electric scooter
3. 1 X charger
4. 1 X English manual


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